Best Pump Paintball Guns Review

Best Pump Paintball Guns Review

The Azodin KD3.5 Kaos is without a doubt one of the best pump paintball blasterexpert guns available for the price. It is a beast of a machine that comes loaded with a 16 inch two-piece cylinder with a half barrel design and two fully functioning back walls. This gun also has many other upgrades and features making this pump paintball gun a worthy investment. For one, it comes loaded with a high performance pump. This pump has been made by the manufacturer, Azodin, to increase the efficiency and power of this paintball gun. It has a very durable pump body that is made from aluminum to increase the durability.

Best Pump Paintball Marker for the Value

The pump is also equipped with a high pressure system. This pump is also extremely reliable because it comes equipped with an electric motor. The only drawback with this pump is that it is not very powerful. That is why it is often used in smaller machines and for those people who want a pump that is more portable or has less power to blow up.

In terms of the quality of the paintballs that are shot out of this high quality pump paintball gun, I have no doubt about it. Every shot that I have hit with this gun has been completely accurate. My first shot with it has landed on a soft bag and my second shot hit the target perfectly. The gun does have some issues though. For one, it runs very hot. The best pump paintball blaster is definitely the Azodin KD3.5 Kaos. I would recommend this gun to anyone who is looking for a pump that will blow up faster than any other pump.

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