Electrician – What Their Work Includes

Electrician – What Their Work Includes

An electrician is an electric tradesman specialized in electrical wiring, transmission wires, motor vehicles, buildings, and other similar equipment. Electricians can be employed in both the installation and the repair and maintenance of existing electric infrastructure or the replacement of faulty electrical parts.

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To become an electrician one should have at least five years of basic electrical skills. In addition, the electrician has to have basic hand-eye coordination. In addition, an electrician must possess the skills to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair electrical equipment.

In most states an electrician can only work on electrical appliances that are classified as “general” rather than on specific job classifications. These classes of equipment include refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, security and alarm systems, televisions, and stereos. Other equipment such as air conditioners and computerized systems can also be classified as general purpose electrical equipment.

The first thing that an electrician needs to know is whether the appliances being serviced are classified as general purpose electrical equipment. He or she should also determine which type of electrician services need to be performed to repair the equipment. When an electrician repairs equipment for general purposes, he or she does not use any particular tools or equipment for repairing the equipment. The electrician needs to have a proper understanding of the type of tools and equipment used to repair electrical appliances.

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