How to Rank on Google With PBN Links

How to Rank on Google With PBN Links

There are many ways to rank on Google with PBN links but most of the traffic you will see coming from PBN links will come from articles you have written that will be useful to your readers. Article marketing is a very powerful form of traffic generation tool and I have found it to be effective in driving traffic and getting my website ranked at the top of Google.

Rank on Google With PBN Links

There are three basic ways that article marketing can work for you. You can submit your articles to article directories where other people can pick up on them and make some kind of link back to you site. You can also set up a blog or site around the article and let others know about it. Last but not least you can use your own articles as SEO content.

I highly recommend you write an article every now and again about your business. You could also submit them to article directories but you should only do this once in a while. This is because the people who are reading your article are usually already interested in what you are saying and if you leave your name out of the article they may not be able to read it. This will leave them with the impression that you don’t care about what they have to say so keep your name to the article. These three methods will rank you well on Google with PBN links.

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