Phase One Asbestos – Things You Need to Know About Asbestos

Phase One Asbestos – Things You Need to Know About Asbestos

Although the Phase One Asbestos process sounds fairly simple, it is important that the contractors follow all of the instructions for the procedure. This is needed because there are no laws that state the contractors have to follow these instructions. But, the contractors need to be following them anyway. Otherwise, they could have serious fines or even jail time if they violate any regulations.

Phase One Asbestos – What do You Need to Know About Asbestos?

The first phase of Asbestos removal involves removing all the loose particles. These particles are often referred to as chucks or stones. The second phase involves removing the loose fibers and then carefully removing any smaller pieces of fiber. Phase One Asbestos Remediation involves the removal of the chucks and small stones. This is generally done through a sump pump.

Phase Two Asbestos Removal involves cleaning and repairing the damaged areas of the building. The third phase involves drying out the area with the use of fans. Then the soil is removed and the building is moved to another location.

The last phase involves demolition of the building. The demolition process requires a large crane. After the crane is removed, a new building can be constructed on the same site.

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